At one point in recent history, VB.Net was one of the most popular development languages around. In fact, there are many legacy applications written in VB.Net and even still, VB.Net is still in the top 10 languages ( source: ).  I will show a simple console application using VB.Net to authenticate using MSAL.Net

Of course, the first step, as in everything Azure, starts with setting up an app registration to use for Authentication. For this demonstration, I created a single tenant app registration with the following Redirect URI configured ( urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob ):

There is nothing else special about this app registration.

Now, for the code. To start with, you must install the Microsoft.Identity.Client from the Nuget package manager. I will present to you sample VB.Net code that performs authentication synchronously, then asynchronously.


Although there are quite a few differences from our C# samples, we can still leverage MSAL in our VB.Net code as well with some minor changes.

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