In OpenId Connect (OIDC) we have the UserInfo endpoint, that’s specifically for the OIDC protocol and we cannot use with OAuth2 protocol.

To use this endpoint in Azure AD we need a token, and without specifying the “Resource” parameter.

How to obtain a token (V1)

For the sake of this example we’ll use the auth code grant flow to request tokens, using Microsoft Identity Platform V1 endpoint.

In a browser we can request a token like the samples below.

  1. Request Code – without specifying the “Resource” parameter, like:{tenant}/oauth2/authorize?client_id={appid}&scope=openid%20offline_access%20profile&redirect_uri={redirect_uri}&response_type=code

  2. Request Token – using Code returned request Access Token again, without specifying the “resource” parameter, request to token endpoint should look like:
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Response has an Access Token, that cannot be decoded:

Call the endpoint

Do the request to UserInfo endpoint ( using the access token, like you can see below:


Call UserInfo with Microsoft Identity Platform V2 endpoint

Above we described how to call the endpoint using the V1 endpoint, the same can be achieved using the V2 endpoints also.

When using this authentication endpoints we’ll need to get a token with the MS Graph scope and call the UserInfo endpoint –

How to get UserInfo details from the JWT Token

If you are requesting a id_token to begin with, you can just decode it and save yourself an additional call in your application.

Below we can see a decoded id_token and information that it has.

Existing endpoints

The information of the UserInfo endpoint that you should use depends on the authentication endpoints version. And the best way to get that info is to call the metadata endpoints.

  Metadata UserInfo
V1{tenant}/.well-known/openid-configuration (Azure AD UserInfo)
(MS Graph UserInfo)


Microsoft identity platform UserInfo endpoint

7 Thoughts to “Retrieving user information from Azure AD’s UserInfo Endpoints”

  1. Faraz Siddiqui

    Hi, we’ve been using OIDC tokens with our application behind AWS ALB, and its been working fine so far until recently it stopped working as UserInfo endpoint not returning everything AWS ALB is expecting as per OIDC protocol, any idea? MSFT has been advising to use /me endpoint but it doesn’t return sub.

    1. Barbara Castilho [MSFT]

      Hi Faraz, what was the expected information?
      We normally do advise to use /me to obtain user information.

    2. Lars Wallimann

      Hi Faraz
      did you get it to work? What is exact the userinfo endpoint of the B2C AD?

      1. Bac Hoang [MSFT]

        Hi Lars,
        Azure AD B2C does not support userinfo endpoint at this time.

        1. Lars Wallimann

          Hi Bac
          Thank you for your answer, do you know if there are any plans to support it in the future?

          1. Bac Hoang [MSFT]

            Yes. This will be available in the future. I don’t have an ETA at this point

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