The Graph Client Authentication Providers allows for each authentication to the graph endpoint implementing a variety of OAUTH2 flows.  I will demonstrate the use of this library in c# code based on this GitHub. Previously, you had to build your own Authentication Provider ( see my creation of the client credentials provider in a application here ) .  This library will allow you to use the following flows:

  • Confidential Client Providers
    • Authorization code
    • Client Credentials
    • On behalf of
  • Public Client Providers
    • Device Code
    • Integrated windows authentication
    • Interactive Authentication ( This blog demonstrates this flow )

The GitHub readme does show all those basic flow implementations.

Note: The library is in preview release only and is subject to change without notice.

I used the same app registration I created demonstrating how to use MSAL here.

Start a new c# console application and install the following Nuget Packages.

Nuget Packages

  • Microsoft.Graph – Also installs:
    • Microsoft.Graph.Core
    • Newtonsoft.Json
    • System.Buffers
    • System.Diagnostics.DiagnosticSource
    • System.Memory
    • System.Numerics.Vectors
    • System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe
    • System.ValueTuple
  • Microsoft.Graph.Auth ( Preview Version – you must check the “Include Prerelease” box to find ) – Also installs:
    • System.Security.Principal
    • Microsoft.identity.Client

I only have one code file – Program.cs ( the default code file for a console app ).  Here is the code:


To implement one of the other flows, you may be modifying the Client type ( line 15 in the code file above ) based on whether or not it is a confidential client or a public client ( see list at the beginning of this post ) and the property for it just below, and line 39 ( code file above) where we are setting the auth provider as well as the underlying member for that. So, for example, a confidential client using the client credentials flow would look like this in the same code file:


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